Euractiv: The Green Brief – Floods, heat and fire

From deadly flooding that hit Germany and Belgium in July to the heatwaves and forest fires that set Southern Europe ablaze in August, this year has seen no shortage of climate-related disasters. […]

100 days of illegal mining at Turów. The Polish coal mine on the Czech and German border has continued mining for 100 days despite being ordered to stop in May by the Court of Justice of the European Union. The Turów mine in the south west of Poland is currently the subject of a court case between Poland and the Czech Republic, which alleges the mine is draining water supply.

On day 99 of the continued mining since the Court order, German Green MEP Anna Cavazzini organised a 30km bike tour around the mine to raise awareness of the situation. In a statement, she said,

“Poland wants this climate killer to run until 2044. We demand a rethink. Now is the time to start the transition into a sustainable future and to create sustainable jobs in the region.“

“A local resident told me the other day: the EU is our last hope! It is high time that the ECJ decides on the lawsuit launched by Czech Republic. And the EU Commission needs to step up its commitment to the protection of the rights of all European citizens.”

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