Press Release: Germany announces withdrawal from Energy Charter Treaty

The German government has just announced its withdrawal from the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT). Germany thus follows similar announcements as made by France, the Netherlands, Spain and Poland.

Anna Cavazzini, Rapporteur in the European Parliament for the Energy Charter Treaty, comments:

„The Energy Charter Treaty is a toxic treaty, which slows down the energy transition. It is therefore immensely important that Germany has finally announced its withdrawal.“

„The outcome of the modernization process  is inadequate and would chain EU states to fossil fuels for decades to come.“

„With Germany’s exit, another state is breaking away – the Commission must draw the obvious conclusion from this and initiate the EU’s exit as well.“


  • Modernization negotiations ended in June 2022, falling short of the expectations of the traffic light coalition and the European Parliament.
  • The Council’s decision on these negotiations is expected in the coming weeks.
  • France, Spain, Poland and the Netherlands have announced their intention to withdraw from the Treaty.
  • The Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) is an international agreement concluded in the mid-1990s. The treaty grants energy companies great powers, for example to sue states in private arbitration for billions of dollars or euros. No other international trade or investment treaty in the world has triggered more investor lawsuits than the Energy Charter Treaty.